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Steam condenser production

From spring to autumn 2023, was our challenge to produce a steam condenser consisting of a heat exchanger with a circular shell and shell including a compensator, a DN125 upper steam air inlet to the heat exchanger, a DN125 upper steam air outlet to the fan and a DN100 lower condensate outlet.

The heat exchanger tube bundle consisted of 1.4301 SS tubes rolled into P235-245GH CS steel sheet.

The condenser is equipped with – a fan for continuous extraction of air with admixture of non-condensed steam from the heat exchanger, a safety valve on one water chamber and a manually operated damper on the steam-air mixture outlet to the fan.

final destination = Norway
working time = 4862 hours
net weight = 27.8 t

Before the final surface treatment had to be done = NDT testing of different types of welds, rubberizing of internal surfaces, pressure testing.
This was a really complex project from preparing documentation, purchasing non-standard materials, training and qualification of welders, demanding quality-cleanliness control, project management and organization of various transports……

Great work by all team members involved 🤝
AXIS a.s.