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Food industry references

Olma a.s. – Fermentation II (Cottage cheese)

In 2019 the installation of equipment for the expansion of the fermentation capacity in Olma a.s.. was realized. During this project the vessels, exchangers, control fittings were installed and service walking structures were delivered and installed too. Everything took place in rooms with an increased demand for cleanliness.

Budweiser Budvar – Expansion of fermentation capacity by 24 CKT with installation of pipelines

In the period from 09/2019 to 05/2020 our company realized the project for the final operator Budweiser Budvar which included the installation of 24 CKTanks, installation of tank piping, installation of distribution panels, installation of a CIP station and installation of 11 lager tanks. This project was carried out on time and to the full satisfaction of the customer.

Our team was composed of 12 specialists who implemented everything during full operation of the brewery. All piping and installed equipment were made of food grade stainless steel S304.

Chemical and Petrochemical industry references

Glanzstoff Bohemia – from minor maintenance to investments projects

For our long-term partner we provide the projects from minor maintenance to large and demanding investment projetcs. Maintenance work is performed by our group of permanently allocated specialists and is managed by the chief technician. 

Axis a.s. is in the same time a supplier of various equipment, pressure or process vessels manufactured in our production facilities for the most investment projects.

BOREALIS – Shutdown work Schwechat Austria

Our company AXIS a.s. was participated on the shutdown work at the Borealis Schwechat TA3 petrochemical plant. Over 25 employees of our company took part in this time consuming and technically demanding project. In this case our team was in charge of the exchangers and fittings. The team of workers also benefited from many years of experience from other shutdown projects.

Synthos Kralupy – Butadiene destilation

In 2018 our company paricipated on the installation of a new technology for the destilation of Butadiene. Our scope included the installation of technological parts, pumps, steel structures and also the installation of pipelines and jumpers.  Over 55 employees of AXIS a.s. were attended on this project.

Paper and woodworking industry references

Büttner Energie und Trocknungstechnik GmbH

Installation of a complete OSB dryer and energy management in Ireland

We have been installing the complete production technology of the OSB boards dryer and energy management including thermo oil boiler Since March 2021. Installation still in progress and its completion is planned for March 2022. Axis a.s. is a general contractor of the project for mechanical and electrical installation. 60 specialists are involved in the project. The total installed weight of the technology is 1500 tons of technology and 1000 tons of steel structures.

MONDI Štětí – Complete installation of wood storage (Woodyard)

The project included the complete installation of conveyor lines and chip unloading, chip sorting and chip pile storage. The most complicated task was the installation of the “reclaimer“ due to the size, weight and requirement for accuracy installation. In total over 1000 tons of technology were installed.

Kronospan – Installation of technologies in UFA and Yegoryevsk, Russia

The part of this project was the installation of KT presses, installation of dry mills, installation of structures, service platforms and other technologies. The work lasted for almost a year and our specialist also had a deal with the pitfalls of the Russian winter where it was necessary to provide a special equipment and use other technologies for assembly. The big challenge was welding a dry mill from segments with a wall thickness 40mm. This project was also 

covered with a help of local staff in capacity peaks.

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Labewood – sawmill in Štětí

This project was realized from the end of 2019 and subsequently during 2020. During this realization, technology for a part of SO03 log sorting line, SO04 debarking line, SO06 sawmill, SO07 lumber sorting line and other technological equipment was installed. Work on the project took place with the participation of approx. 70 specialists in the various professions.

Energy industry references

Mondi Štetí, ČEZ powerplant Mělník

Reconstruction and installation of electrostatic precipitators

In the energy industry, we can offer the reconstructions and installations of electrostatic precipitators (ESP) which were realized for the companies Mondi Štětí and the ČEZ Mělník power plant. The scope of work included demanding and heavy strokes of filters, their disassembly, repairs and installation of the separators themselves including thermal insulation and electrical wiring.

Each of the projects was limited by a downtime of 6 months with the participation of more than 190 employees of the company.

STURA IVECO – heat exchanger

One of the examples of the production of heat exchanger tubes is a project for our partner

STURA IVECO. The exchanger was completely designed (including heat exchange and strength calculation) and manufactured by our company. The production was carried out in accordance with EN standards and according to the PED directive 2014/68 / EU. The tube bundle had 400 tubes and the total length of the exchanger was 8m. The exchanger was designed for the energy source.

Production of filtration units for gas turbines

Axis a.s.has years of experience with the production of filter units for gas turbines. We benefit from our know-how in the production of sheets from thicknesses of approx. 3 mm, so we can offer our customers a high standard of our products in terms of quality and visual. Filtration units manufactured in our workshops operate practically all over the world. The main production is made of stainless steel AISI 316L, but we also supply units made of aluminum and carbon steel. The types of units produced are static or pulse and reach the dimensions of a smaller family house. Production is carried out completely in our halls by a team of experienced fitters and welders.

Doosan Škoda Power – Installation of turbines and pipelines in Templeborough, UK

Axis a.s. installed a steam turbine, condenser and piping for an emerging bio-waste incinerator in the UK for our partner Doosan Škoda Power Pilzen .This was the first experience with the installation of a turbine for our company. Thanks to the experience of our specialists and the supervision of our customer , everything was properly installed without any major problems.

LAB – municipal waste incinerator Kemsley, UK

Together with our partner LAB we participated on the installation of incinerators in several places in the UK. This particular project was implemented in Kemsley in 2017. The scope of our installation included an electrostatic precipitator, flue gas cleaning technology, auxiliary pipelines and supporting structures. The project lasted almost 12 months.

Dismantling and relocations of production plants references

Sample references

AXIS a.s. also specializes in the relocation of complete units in the energy, chemical and woodworking industries. During the history more than 20 complete plants were relocated, with most projects moving from EU countries around the world.
The relocation itself includes complete customer support, including engineering and 3D modeling, precise marking of parts, disassembly of the whole technology, loading, packaging, transport to the destination and reinstallation.
The largest project of this kind was the relocation from Aberdeen in Scotland to Russia, which contained more than 550 containers.

Gaujas Koks – Dismantling and relocation of a paper line in DE

AXIS a.s. has experience not only with the installation of new technology but also with the disassembly and relocation of technological units. For this project the press, dryer, molding line, vessels and other secondary parts of the technology were dismantled. All parts were properly dismantled, inspected and then marked and prepared for safe transport within the EU. This project lasted approx. 18 months and 15 specialists participated on a ongoing basis.

Other references

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EagleBurgmann – production and installation of pipe expansion joints

In recent years, AXIS a.s. has also focused on the production and installation of pipe
expansion joints. The production of the compensator itself takes place directly in the
workshop, including the installation of all insulating elements and cover plates or the partial
production of segments that are assembled and welded directly on the installation site. This
saves a significant part of the cost for any possible oversizes and handling.
Implementation / shutdown is then carried out in subsequent steps:
-removal / cutting of the existing damaged expansion joint
-welding of the new compensator on site, including complex installation of insulation
-location / placement in right position and welding of the new compensator to the pipeline
All works are monitored by our specialist, including welding supervision with documenting all
necessary authorisations.

Scrubbers – equipment for flue gas cleaning of ocean liners

Axis a.s.  also participates on the production of flue gas cleaning equipment for ocean-going ships, which contributes to a cleaner atmosphere worldwide. The scrubbing method is used to clean the flue gas. The products are supplied in diameters from 2.5 m to 3.5 m and with lengths of around 12m. Due to the high flue gas temperatures and the highly corrosive environment the product must be made of high-alloy materials such as SuperDuplex.

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