(Mon – Fri: 8am-5pm)

We provide a service and repair of technological units


We provide the maintenance of technological equipment during the shutdowns.


We provide medium and general repairs of technological equipment.


We provide disgnostic works including optical measurements.

We provide professional assembly and disassembly of bearings, we are certified by SKF.
We can prepare themaintenance forecast acc to your request. We provide warranty and post-warranty service. We offer constant welding and sheet processing readiness in case of unexpected repairs.

Sales warehouse of technical gases of the company Linde Gas Štětí

We accept orders for short-term and long-term collection of technical gas cylinders.

If you are interested, contact us by phone or e-mail.

Pump service

We perform the professional disassembly of pumps and their positioning, we provide medium and general repair of pumps or supply of spare parts for pumps, we also perform the laser alignment of pumps, warranty and post-warranty service including disagnostic monitoring and the inspections of repaired pumps.


We will manufacture any custom device from stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminium.


We provide assembly and disassembly works in the paper, energy, food and the other industries.

We are trusted by the greatest



You will agree with our representative on a specific solution that you need to service in a given timeframe.



We will prepare the offer that will be adapted to the needs of your project.



We will provide you the complete repair or service of your equipment. We will come to you to resolve the matter.